I have had the pleasure of working with Jason for over the past five years at Kelley Blue Book and he has easily become one of my favorite colleagues during this time. He is an excellent Graphic Designer with a unique ability to elevate the ideas and details around any design concept. We have worked together on presentations, events, community relations projects and photography. He brings great experience to the table and lightens the work environment during times of high stress or long hours. I highly recommend him.

Sherry P., Executive Assistant

Jason combines creativity and project management seamlessly. Over the years Jason became a trusted design partner willing to brainstorm and collaborate to develop interesting, creative, engaging graphics and videos. Time and again, Jason’s perspective on design, video concepts, storyboards and scripting pushed our end product beyond my expectations and beyond the limits of my own creativity. Additionally, his personality shines behind the camera, helping on-camera subjects from all levels of the organization feel comfortable and to deliver an on-target message. With Jason’s expertise, I was able to develop top-notch internal communication campaigns that inspired employee action and engagement.

Jason is a pleasure to work with. He is a relationship-builder through and through and this is evident in his client-oriented mindset. Jason’s project management and customer service skills shine, and I was never left in the dark as projects progressed. He consistently went above and beyond for every project to ensure all goals are met. Jason is a man of his word, always willing to help others with integrity and sincerity. He is passionate about his work and is a valuable asset for both internal and external communication and marketing for any organization.

Christina B., Cox Automotive Senior Manager, Internal Communications

I've worked with Jason for over 5 years now. Jason's ability to successfully handle huge project and people workloads with practicality, creative inspiring solutions, and punctuality is an asset to any firm.



A. Hammerschmidt, Sr. Project Manager - House Ear Institute

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jason on multiple media projects and events, from video news releases and documentaries, to photo shoots, special events, and Web and print design. He is a team player who brings strong creative design, graphic arts, photography, production and project management skills to the table. I look forward to working with Jason on future projects.

Co-worker: C. Nuber - Los Angeles, CA.

Mrs. C Nuber, Public Relations Manager